Corporate Intelligence operations

Targeted Intelligence and Surveillance Intelligence are both types of Corporate Intelligence Operations (CIO), but serve different purposes.

The combination of these concepts ensures companies have a complete set of intelligence products available to support their risk management- and strategic decision processes.

Targeted Intelligence Operations (TIO)

TIO seek to answer specific problems/issues by gathering information, analysing this in detail and producing a solid intelligence product capable of supporting the strategic of tactical decision process.

Surveillance Intelligence Operations (SIO)

SIO seeks to keep the company regularly informed about developments of interest in their business surroundings by producing regular intelligence updates and products.

Despite the difference in scope and objective, both processes require a  number of information products and intelligence products that can be similar or vary between the processes.

Our methodology ensures the appropriate product is chosen for the appropriate process and we always seek to tailor the design of the end product to the specific purpose.

On a high level, we produce four different types of Information and Intelligence products:

 - Information products

 - Profiles

 - Benchmarks

 - Analyses

The combination of these four ensures a complete intelligence overview is available to decision makers at all times.

In Surveillance Intelligence Operations, short, concise products are preferable, whereas in Targeted Intelligence Operations, the product must be adapted to the specific objective and information requirements.

The Intelligence Cycle

There are different models that describe the intelligence process, often referred to as the intelligence cycle. We use a fairly simple model that explains the different phases of the intelligence collection and analysis process.










Corporate Intelligence Operations vs Business Intelligence

The terms Business Intelligence and Corporate Intelligence are often used interchangeably and in recent years "Business Intelligence" has taken on a specific meaning with software giants SAP etc using this term to describe the function of their software packages.

We have chosen to use "Corporate Intelligence" as a term to separate what we do from what SAP, Siebel, Oracle etc do.

Perhaps the simplest Intelligence tool, used by most companies, is the SWOT analysis.


Corporate Intelligence therefore, focuses primarily on the external aspects of a traditional SWOT analysis.