Videmus in Tenebris 

Thalarctos Intelligence Solutions is the risk management - and corporate intelligence branch of Teropan Group offering innovative solutions to private and public sector organisations.


Our operational HQ is based in Norway since July 2019. 

Our motto is Videmus in Tenebris - which roughly translates to "We see in the dark", and it is our objective to lift the fog of war for our clients, be they private companies or governmental organisations.

In an increasingly complex world,  reliable information has become the primary source of competitive advantage for many companies, and accurate information is critical for up to date risk management strategies. Traditional Business Intelligence has come to be seen as an internal process with the use of software like SAP or Siebel to tie together sales, production, marketing etc in the same computer applications.

We provide the external intelligence structure that companies and organisations need to operate effectively in their markets and we help build the risk management strategies and - systems that ensure our clients are not caught off guard and can proactively deal with events that affects their organisations. We call this Corporate Intelligence Operations (CIO).

Our operatives and analysts have extensive experience from intelligence- and security agencies from several countries, as well as reputable management consulting companies worldwide, and we always tell the client what he needs to hear - not what he wants to hear.

We ask the unpleasant questions and probe to find the weaknesses in your strategy - before someone else does with serious results.


At times working with us can be uncomfortable for organisations that are set in their ways but we deliver the change that will benefit your organisation going forward.

Although we are focused on operations in Europe, we do provide services on demand in other parts of the world, as and when required. It is not a current strategic objective for the company to grow outside of Europe and sometimes we will assist our clients in finding reputable and high quality suppliers in other regions when required.

We work with a small set of high quality regional companies that can deliver services in other regions that those we focus on, and we always undertake to represent our clients when contracting these partners to fulfil specific tasks in order to ensure our clients receive the quality of service they deserve.